Month: July 2021

Three Ways Patient Reminders Have Shaped the Healthcare Industry

In the past, one of the biggest challenges in running a medical practice was reducing no-shows. Although it’s still a hurdle, patient appointment reminder systems have taken much of the grunt work out of this critical task. How? Administrative staff would have to call patients to remind them they had an upcoming appointment–manually. And unfortunately, those calls weren’t always successful. Patients would not show up regardless. This whole process cost precious time and money. Thankfully, automatic reminders have come to the rescue and streamlined this practice leading to many benefits to the healthcare industry.

Reduction in no-shows

A 2019 study uncovered the impact of patient no-shows, revealing that missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $150 billion per year. Additionally, the cost to a physician was around $200 per unused time slot. Reducing these no-shows is a top priority when it comes to improving a practice’s bottom line. Thankfully, patient reminders have helped mitigate this issue.

Saves time

One of the key selling points of any automation system is time-saving. When patient reminders are on autopilot, your staff doesn’t have to change their focus to make these calls—saving them time and you money.

Improves patient experience

Patients want to control how they schedule appointments, regardless of the industry. When you have a system that enables your patients to create, amend, or cancel appointments easily, you will notice an uptick in positive interactions, including within reviews. You want loyal patients, and crafting a better experience can help make that happen.

Hopefully, you are enjoying the benefits of a solid appointment reminder system. If you need to streamline further, we have a solution for your health center or practice. Need billing or credentialing help? Contact us today.

When you know it’s time to outsource your medical billing

In the ever-changing world of medical billing, keeping up with new rules and regulations seems to be a full-time job on its own. Not to mention the critical part, the billing itself. Focusing too much effort on this area can cause stress and anxiety off the charts. From maintaining an in-house billing team to dealing with a revenue stream far from optimized, it can also hinder your practice’s growth. What is a possible solution? Outsourcing. And when do you know it’s time to consider outsourcing? Well, let’s take a look at a few hints (and maybe a bit more) that you should move your billing to an external expert.

Staff burnout

If your staff appears to be running on empty, billing practices may be the culprit. As you know, your employees have to wear many hats to make your practice run like a well-oiled machine. But spreading your workers too thin can lead to low morale and ultimately burnout. Which, unfortunately, can also inspire an uptick in turnover. There’s nothing optimal about administrative strain and additional hiring costs.

Increase in slow payments

Delayed payments are usually a side effect of one particular problem: errors. When claim rejections are on the rise, it’s is a solid sign that your employees are either overworked or in over their heads. Regardless of the reason, declined claims hurt your bottom line.

Patient care suffers

More time on administrative tasks means less time for taking care of patients. And as we know, patient-centric care is vital in today’s modern medical space. So, if your patient care time is on the decrease, it may be time to investigate your billing practices. If you discover billing issues are dominating your time, look for external help.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then finding a quality billing partner is a must. Like us. Explore our services and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Busting the outsourcing myths

Who doesn’t remember the cool show MythBusters where long-held beliefs, myths, and various rumors were put to the scientific test. The premise was straightforward: find out if these crazy theories were true to their word or completely false. Beyond being entertaining, the program also offered a great lesson on the scientific method and the quest to find the truth. And that is exactly what we will try to accomplish in a less formal and less explosive way in the world of outsourcing. We will take on a selection of these myths and finally discover if they are truth or totally busted to be factually incorrect.

Myth: Outsourcing is only for large operations

Maybe you have thought “Sure I’d love to outsource some of our more menial tasks, but our practice is just way too small.” The idea that outsourcing is exclusive to large operations has persisted for decades and it’s fortunately not true. There are outsourcing solutions for medical practices and companies of all sizes. Don’t be afraid to kick your monotonous jobs to an outside source. Go ahead and discover for yourself, that outsourcing is for everyone.

Myth: Outsourcing may cost jobs

There is a two-pronged thought when it comes to outsourcing being a cause of job loss. First, many believe that outsourcing means offshoring. This is not the case. There are offshore operations in the outsourcing space, but many are located domestically. Second, getting outside help for your staff doesn’t mean you are going to replace them. Outsourcing is more about optimizing than replacement. Freeing up more time for your current staff, and you, to focus on more pressing matters. Namely for physicians spending more time with patients.  This one is busted.

Myth: Outsourcing puts your data at risk

Have you heard that outsourcing places your sensitive data at high risk? Not true. A reputable outsourcing partner holds cybersecurity and data safety in the highest regards. If you find an outsourcing operation that does not clearly outline its protocols on safety, then move on to the next. Make a potential partner prove they use the latest and most effective countermeasures against hackers. There is no need to settle for a firm with lackluster data protection.

Myth: Outsourcing equals less quality work

Possibly you have read, heard, or even conversed with someone about this subject. The long-held thought that outsourcing is for companies and practices that really don’t care about quality and are more concerned with getting tasks finished. To the contrary. When you find the right partner, you are leveraging experts who can not only finish your tasks more efficiently but effectively as well. Once again, if you are considering an outsourcing firm that doesn’t have strict quality control, then keep looking. When you outsource you should not only be freeing up time but getting higher quality work as well.

Hopefully, after reading through these debunked myths you will be more comfortable partnering with an outsourcing firm. And just think, we didn’t even have to use explosives to prove the point.

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