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Nationwide Medical Billing & Specialties

Practice Management provides complete medical billing services across the nation from California to Florida. Effective physician billing services begin with our superior representatives who are well versed in accurate medical billing and coding while remaining compliant with all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations. Combined with technology resources on the forefront of medical billing and a mission to obtain optimal reimbursement on claims efficiently, we are your trusted source for all medical billing needs.

Electronic data transmission, web portal access to programs, telephone and video conferencing allow us to maintain strong communication throughout the billing process. With secure web portal capabilities, Practice Management can remotely access your practice’s data to perform all billing services seamlessly. Toll free communications are provided for all patient queries.
We are dedicated to providing physicians with a variety of medical billing solutions to help their practices operate more efficiently and effectively. Practice Management has the experience of providing medical billing services to the Medical Billing Specialties listed below.


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