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Revenue Cycle Optimization for Your Health Center

Practice Management provides nationwide revenue cycle services for Federally Qualified Health Centers. We partner with you to seize opportunities and to overcome obstacles. The FQHC revenue cycle continues to evolve rapidly. Practice Management can help keep you on the path to steady and improved cash flow.


Maintain Cash Flow

  • Daily claim filing
  • Daily payment posting
  • Patient statement processing
  • Clearinghouse edit correction
  • Establish Normal Daily Procedures
  • Identify top 3 barriers to maximize correct claims

Revenue Cycle Optimization

  • Correct top 3 barriers to maximize correct claims
  • Inclusive item optimization
  • Fee schedule analysis and update
  • Identify contract and credentialing issues
  • Identify additional barriers to maximize correct claims

Accounts Receivable Optimization

  • Identify Remaining barriers
  • Correct barriers
  • Process refinement
  • Rules engine implemented

Cash Flow Protection

  • Monitoring for new barriers
  • New barriers – identify and correct
  • Implement new contracts and requirements
  • Implement new sites

Revenue Opportunities

  • Present AR opportunities
  • Present other Revenue Maximization opportunities
  • Assist client with potential opportunities
  • Implement opportunities



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