Audits and Education

Great revenue cycle management includes coding accuracy and compliance auditing. Practice Management maximizes revenue for our clients by evaluating and optimizing their processes and procedures in this area. Our Coding Accuracy and Compliance Audit includes an evaluation of a sample of your health center’s visits or encounters. Each encounter or progress note will be coded by our team and a case-by-case coding analysis will be prepared comparing the original coding to our recommended coding.

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Coding Audits

Areas of Audit Focus

  • Incorrect code selection
  • Unbundling issues
  • Missed code opportunities
  • Code assignment lacking documentation
  • Code order
  • Modifier usage
  • Documentation deficiencies

Audits analyze and compare provider Evaluation and Management coding with recommended Certified Coder Evaluation and Management codes of the same elements. CPT coding and diagnostic coding are reviewed as well.

Your initial audit concludes with a review of a summary of the errors by type and frequency, as well as a telephone or video conference to walk you through your unique results and discuss next steps for your practice.

Ongoing Education

At the conclusion of the audit, our expert team will review the results with you one-on-one. They can also host a remote provider education program for you and your team. This customized training will address your unique needs, including the errors or deficiencies discovered in the audit. It will also include parameters needed to select the correct codes and maximize your revenue.


We are invested in building long-term relationships with our clients, and collaborating for your continued success. Practice Management can periodically re-audit your visits or encounters to assess for improvement in coding accuracy and ensure that best practices are being implemented.

Continued Monitoring

We want our clients to feel like our teammates! Continued monitoring services enable us to keep working with your organization after the conclusion of an initial audit. Regular on-going monitoring is available on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis as part of your complete revenue cycle management services, based upon your healthcare organization’s unique needs.

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