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Is your Revenue Cycle optimized?

Practice Management has been maximizing revenue for our clients since 1995. We believe that optimizing revenue cycles for healthcare centers across the country empowers them to make the biggest difference in their communities. Our methodical approach focuses on improving revenue through ongoing identification of opportunities and obstacles. We work with our clients to seize their unique opportunities and overcome their specific obstacles.

How we optimize your revenue cycle:

  • We Protect Existing Cash Flow
    • Establish Daily Processes
    • Establish Communication and Reporting
  • We Correct Cash Flow Leakage
    • Identify Top Areas
    • Correct Top Areas
  • We Explore & Implement Opportunities for your Healthcare Center
    • Examine & Agree On Opportunities
    • Implement and Verify Success
  • We Monitor For New Opportunities and Obstacles
    • Seek New Internal and External Opportunities
    • Identify and Correct New Obstacles

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Practice Management’s Revenue Cycle Management services encompass all areas of your healthcare organization’s billing. We do not offer a la carte billing services. Instead, we focus on providing comprehensive revenue cycle management packages to our clients, customizing our suite of services to fit your needs.

What Does our Billing Service Include?

  • RCM Software Analysis
  • Leverage RCM Software for Maximized Reimbursement
  • Entry of Service Charges
  • Entry of Insurance & Patient Payments
  • Entry of Contract Adjustments
  • Collection of Delinquent Insurance Claims
  • Regularly Scheduled Status Report Reviews
  • Handle Patient Billing Inquiries
  • Transmission for all Non-Electronic Documents
  • Patient Statement Processing
  • Electronic & Paper Claims Processing
  • Standardized Reporting
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Coding Compatibility Monitoring
  • Pre-Bill Edit Processing
  • Clearinghouse Edit Processing

The Practice Management Difference

Practice Management delivers the results you want!

Our billing services reduce your overhead costs, reduce payment turn around time, and increase your reimbursements from insurance carriers.

Our customer service is unmatched! Our clients have direct and easy access to their billing team, and we constantly monitor your revenue cycle to tweak processes in real time and ensure you are maximizing your revenue.

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