Our Vision

Our Mission

At Practice Management, our mission is simple: provide our clients with the best physician billing service in the business. Practice Management is committed to client satisfaction while conforming to all published and applicable Federal, State, Local laws, statutes and regulations. Since 1995, we have provided physicians with solutions to help their practices operate more efficiently and effectively. Our job is not complete until we obtain the highest return on our clients’ medical billing claims in the most timely manner. In fact, our top priority is to provide our physicians and their patients with unfailing, high quality medical billing services. Sound aggressive? It should. After all, increasing your bottom line is what we do best.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to offering the best physician billing service in the business, and our Patient Services Representatives & Physician Service Representatives take their job very seriously. You will have a highly educated team of experienced professionals providing trusted guidance and dependable service in a multitude of ways including:

Aggressive Revenue Cycle Management

Diligent Monitoring
Ongoing Consultation
Expert Medical Coding Recommendations
Annual Update of CPT’s & ICD-10’s

State-of-the-Art Systems & Technology

Enhanced Reporting
On-line Access of Patient Accounts
On-line Access to Scheduling
Electronic Storage of All Source Documents
Protected & Insured Data
HIPAA Compliant

Office Staff Education & Training

Our Fee-Based System

We calculate physician billing service fees for each of our clients based on three factors: medical specialty, practice’s volume, and payer mix. Once calculated, our total fee is derived completely from your practice’s realized client revenue. The success of our billing company is directly linked to the success of your practice. There are no hidden fees.

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