Our Vision

Our Mission

To help community health centers succeed in community improvement through increased revenue opportunities. We believe that optimizing your revenue cycle will benefit your community by improving your available resources for operational and staffing needs. Increasing resources for staffing means more jobs and higher wages for the community. Enhanced operational resources directly benefit the community by further adding to your service offerings and facility.

Our Commitment

Practice Management is committed to offering full spectrum Revenue Cycle services. From the claim level to the big picture, Practice Management partners with clients to succeed. Our team will provide trusted guidance and dependable service in a multitude of ways including:

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Protect Cashflow
Correct Cashflow Leakage
Explore and Implement Opportunities
Monitor for New Opportunities and Obstacles


Fully HIPAA Compliant
Compliance Committee
Compliance Plan

Customer Service

Client Service Representatives
Patient Service Representatives
Progress Report Meetings Tailored to Your Needs
Enhanced Reporting

Our Fee-Based System

We calculate physician billing service fees for each of our clients based on three factors: medical specialty, practice’s volume, and payer mix. Once calculated, our total fee is derived completely from your practice’s realized client revenue. The success of our billing company is directly linked to the success of your practice. There are no hidden fees.

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