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Do you have experience in my state and with my specialty? 

We work in all 50 states and have experience in many specialties. You can find our list of specific specialties here. 

Do you have experience with my EHR system? 

We are familiar with many EHRs, and each client is assigned a dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager that has extensive experience in your specific EHR. Practice Management is EHR agnostic, and we remote into your current system, which means no extra training and no new software. You can view a list of some of the larger EHRs we have experience in here, but keep in mind that list is not exhaustive and many smaller EHRs we are familiar with are not listed. 

Do you have referenceable clients? 

Yes. To get references from our current clients in your state and/or specialty please contact us to book a discovery call. 

What is the time frame to get started with RCM services?

We can begin services as soon as we receive remote access, which is typically accomplished within 5 business days or less. If you need more time, we can begin services on a mutually agreed upon date in the future. 

How does the fee structure work?

Our fees are a percentage of collections determined by multiple factors including medical specialty, payer mix and volume. You can download our general information brochure which includes an example of a fee structure for a Practice Management client. To discuss specific fee structure questions please contact us to book your discovery call. 

There are a lot of RCM companies out there, what sets Practice Management apart? 

In one word: Collaboration. We believe in building real relationships with real people. We understand that revenue cycle management is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we craft services that address the specific pain points of each unique client. Each client receives a dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager with experience in their state and specialty, and your Revenue Cycle Manager is directly accessible to you. We don’t make clients submit support tickets – just send your RCM an email or pick up the phone and get connected immediately. That means quicker resolutions so you and your team can stay focused on providing great patient care. We are also experts in the unique needs of FQHCs and CHCs. We have experience in private practice, group practice, and hospitals, but about 85% of our business is currently providing services to FQHCs. We understand the challenges and rewards of these unique healthcare organizations, and we want to help you advance your missions and give you more revenue to reinvest in your valuable programs and services. 

Will I have a dedicated revenue cycle management team? 

Yes! Each client receives a dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager. 

Are your revenue cycle managers located in the US? 

Yes! All our Revenue Cycle Managers are located in the United States. Because we are a fully remote team, we have been able to hire the best of the best from across the nation and have built a deep bench of talent with diverse experience.  

What services do you offer? 

  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management
  • AR Cleanup
  • Credentialing
  • Billing Department Assessments and Consulting
  • Audits and Education 

Check out our services in the menu above. 

Where is my data stored?

Most data is stored in your EHR and we have a secure method of exchanging and storing data that contains PHI. For more information, please contact us to book your discovery call. 

Is Practice Management HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Refer to the previous question on data for more information.

Do you have any use case examples or testimonials? 

Yes! You can view our testimonials here. For references from current clients in your specific state or specialty please contact us to book a discovery call. 

How do I interact with our billing team or point of contact? 

You will have direct and easy access to your dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager. You can talk to them as easily as you would talk to any other employee at your healthcare organization. They are available anytime during business hours via email, phone, or video call. We do not require our clients to submit support tickets and wait for a response. 

Is outsourcing my revenue cycle management the right choice for my healthcare organization? 

We know that outsourcing your billing and revenue cycle management is a big step, and while our mission is maximizing revenue for our clients so they can focus on keeping their communities healthy, we know not every organization is ready to take that step.  

You might be ready to outsource your revenue cycle management if: 

  • You are facing staffing changes 
  • You are leaving valuable revenue on the table 
  • You are ready to grow! 

You can learn more about outsourcing by downloading our free guide “Are you ready for revenue cycle management?” Or consider a Billing Department Assessment/Consultation to determine the efficiency of your current billing department and identify areas for growth and improvement. 

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