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Medical Billing Consulting

Practice Management specializes in providing billing services and medical billing consulting to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), group practices, and other types of healthcare organizations nationwide. Our consultant team will analyze your current revenue cycle management operations and medical billing practices to provide analysis of your current practice management software configuration and all revenue cycle activities including claim follow-up, patient billing and collection policies.

Practice Management’s Consulting Services include assessment, evaluation and recommendations for improvement of the following processes:

  • Software File Maintenance
  • Charge Capture Procedures
  • Review of CPT and Diagnosis Coding for Obsolete and New Codes
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Insurance Preparation Process
  • Use of Claim Pre-bill Edits and Correction Procedures
  • Claim Transmission Process to Clearinghouse
  • Claim Tracking and Receipt by Payer
  • Payment and Adjustment Process including ERA and Manual Posting
  • Denial Correction and Claim Resubmission Process
  • Claim Follow-up Procedures
  • Patient Billing and Collection Policies
  • Analysis of Accounts Receivables
  • Patient Scheduling and Registration Process
  • Patient Insurance Verification and Eligibility Procedures
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Panel Analysis

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