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AR Cleanup

From Chaos to Cash Flow – let us cleanup your AR!

If you’re interested in maximizing your revenue, but outsourcing your full RCM doesn’t make sense for your organization, AR Cleanup could be the right fit for you.

What is AR Cleanup?

AR cleanup refers to the process of systematically tracking, reconciling, and managing these outstanding claims. It involves following up on unpaid or underpaid invoices, resolving billing errors, submitting necessary documentation to insurance providers, and ensuring your organization receives the maximum reimbursements for the services rendered. AR cleanup is not just about getting the bills paid; it’s about optimizing the entire revenue cycle to ensure the financial health of your organization.

How does it work?

No expensive new software

Our RCM experts remote into your current system and begin working to collect your aging claims from day 1.

No complicated staff training

Practice Management will own the AR Cleanup process, which means your staff doesn’t have to sit through complicated and time consuming training that bogs down their workflows. Instead, they can redistribute their valuable time towards other vital tasks.

We do provide education and audits if requested to help your team avoid future denials and keep your revenue stream flowing.

Stellar Customer Service

We believe in real connections with real people. Our clients become a part of our team, and we make sure that communication is open, easy, and regular. You will have direct and easy access to your revenue cycle manager.

Never submit a support ticket request again! Just send a quick email or pickup the phone and be connected directly with your AR Cleanup team. Questions are answered quickly, and personally.

Is AR Cleanup right for your organization?

AR Cleanup with Practice Management could be a great fit for you and your team if:

  1. You’re seeing rising AR aging and increasing denials
  2. Your current billing team lacks the resources, time, or expertise to efficiently follow-up on your AR
  3. The financial impact of letting your AR age and remain uncollected is affecting your ability to grow, bottlenecking valuable revenue that could be reinvested in new programs, technologies, and staff

Want to learn more about outsourcing your AR cleanup with Practice Management?

Contact us today to schedule your discovery call. We know AR Cleanup isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your initial call will help us learn more about your unique needs and create a proposal that addresses the specific pain points of your organization.

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