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Efficient AR Cleanup requires expertise in your specialty, intricate knowledge of best practices for your state, and lots of time. Outsourcing this task gives you access to revenue cycle managers that have decades of experience in your state and specialty, without the expense of hiring new staff or sacrificing valuable staff time to extensive additional training. Our standalone AR Cleanup services include reconciling and managing outstanding claims, following up on unpaid or underpaid invoices, resolving billing errors, and ensuring you get the maximum reimbursements for the services rendered.

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Benefits of AR Cleanup

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Enhanced Revenue Assurance

Outsourcing AR cleanup strengthens your revenue streams by slashing denial rates, increasing claim reimbursements, and identifying opportunities for revenue growth.

Resource Efficiency

Healthcare organizations can mange their financial resources more efficiently when AR cleanup is outsourced. Taking this complex and time consuming tasks off the desks of your staff frees up funds for essential strategic investment in critical areas such as program expansion, technology, and staff development.

Attention to Detail

With our professional AR cleanup, you have a dedicated team checking all the boxes. Finding a great billing company means working with a team that champions your organization by adhering to stringent compliance standards, reducing the financial loss and complications associated with billing errors.

Streamlined RCM

Outsourcing with an expert AR Cleanup team leads to a leaner, more efficient revenue cycle for your entire team, which translates into reduced operational costs and improved financial performance for your healthcare organization.

Data Driven Decision Making

Outsourcing AR cleanup offers valuable financial insights through data analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making, financial forecasting, and long-term fiscal planning. This helps you and your staff understand the implications of decisions on your financial health and aids in identifying areas for expansion because you have a complete understanding of your true financial picture moving forward.

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