Three Ways Patient Reminders Have Shaped the Healthcare Industry

In the past, one of the biggest challenges in running a medical practice was reducing no-shows. Although it’s still a hurdle, patient appointment reminder systems have taken much of the grunt work out of this critical task. How? Administrative staff would have to call patients to remind them they had an upcoming appointment–manually. And unfortunately, those calls weren’t always successful. Patients would not show up regardless. This whole process cost precious time and money. Thankfully, automatic reminders have come to the rescue and streamlined this practice leading to many benefits to the healthcare industry.

Reduction in no-shows

A 2019 study uncovered the impact of patient no-shows, revealing that missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $150 billion per year. Additionally, the cost to a physician was around $200 per unused time slot. Reducing these no-shows is a top priority when it comes to improving a practice’s bottom line. Thankfully, patient reminders have helped mitigate this issue.

Saves time

One of the key selling points of any automation system is time-saving. When patient reminders are on autopilot, your staff doesn’t have to change their focus to make these calls—saving them time and you money.

Improves patient experience

Patients want to control how they schedule appointments, regardless of the industry. When you have a system that enables your patients to create, amend, or cancel appointments easily, you will notice an uptick in positive interactions, including within reviews. You want loyal patients, and crafting a better experience can help make that happen.

Hopefully, you are enjoying the benefits of a solid appointment reminder system. If you need to streamline further, we have a solution for your health center or practice. Need billing or credentialing help? Contact us today.