Promote Employee Health: Why Healthy Employees Equal a Healthier Business

As much as we hate to admit it, we are human. We live in bodies that are going to fall ill and get injured at least once in our lifetime, because that’s just how living, mobile creatures function. It’s part of survival. We also have to take into consideration that our surroundings and working conditions can greatly impact our health, and in turn, our work ability and the quality of said work. While there are, unfortunately, companies and places that do not believe that the health of their workers is important, the truth is that it’s one of the main things holding an organization together. Here’s why it’s so imperative:

Better work quality and productivity. If an employee knows that they’re safe if they need to take a sick day gives them tons of relief and more appreciation for the job, and therefore motivates them to do better and out-perform your competitors.

Happier employees. Keeping your workers comfortable is a big “YES” in the unofficial business handbook, because that happiness will trickle into their interactions with other employees, customers, and the general public, and ultimately to reviews and suggested clients. If your employees are healthy — both mentally and physically — they will tell everyone how great it is to work there.

Lower turnover rate. Meaning your employees, if they’re happy and healthy, will want to stay where they are. Say goodbye to that dreadful hiring and training process, because mentally sound and physically stable people won’t want to leave a place with such great benefits.

Reduces healthcare costs. If you already offer healthcare plans for your employees, that puts you a step ahead! There’s more to it, though, because you need to help enforce their healthy behaviors at work as well. Try to keep healthy snacks in the break room, give everyone a step count to reach for a special goal or prize, or even give them a “fun day” or a “de-stress day” for mental health purposes — remember, both are equally important.

Employees are really what makes any health center or organization flow smoothly; without the help, you are overwhelmed and not putting out any of your work goals and needs. So treat your employees like family; their health is important!