Practice Management FQHC Quick Tips 4.16

We want you to succeed that’s why optimizing your daily processes to expedite payment turn around is important to us. Do you want faster payments and an optimized revenue stream for your practice?

No matter how exceptional you are, to reach your ultimate goals you need help. Whether it’s to grow a quaint practice or operate an enormous clinic, you’ll need help regardless.

Unlike most medical practices, a dedicated billing service has healthcare policy experts who are always aware of proposed and pending changes that can have major impacts on the reimbursements a medical practice will receive.

The staff and office space needed for in-house billing are fixed expenses that remain the same regardless of billing volume. If a practice pays a percentage of collections for a billing service, there is a better correlation between collections and cost.

It is expensive to maintain an in-house online payment system that is both reliable and compliant with applicable regulations.