Motivation: Enable Employees to Believe in Themselves

Motivation — it’s absolutely essential in every role, for both employees and leaders alike. Although essential, it’s equally easily wavering. Motivation can be lost as quickly as it’s gained, with a simple setback or challenge creating instability and a lack of confidence. As a leader, it’s your job to embody inspiration and keep moving forward — while serving as a guide of motivation for your employees.

Especially in current times with some individuals working remotely and others working in the middle of the crisis, motivation is extremely important. How do you convince employees to believe in themselves and the organization while dealing with unprecedented changes in society? Simply show them that they are seen. Their presence matters. Their work is appreciated. They are valuable.

Here’s a story to keep this point in your mind: Have you ever heard of how certain tribes in Southern Africa greet each other? “Sawabona.” This means, “I see you.” It isn’t just a “hello,” but rather a term that acknowledges and appreciates the individual’s existence. In an even more beautiful addition to the exchange, one would reply back with: “Sikhona.” This means, “I am here.” The deeper philosophy of these words illustrates that because one is seen by another, they are now here. They matter. They are appreciated. They are valuable. Imagine making your employees feel this way every day.