With our attentive, detail oriented surgery billing representatives and well-trained revenue consultant team, Practice Management’s surgery billing services will maximize your medical practice’s revenue and optimize your RCM operations. Click here for more information.

As part of our surgery billing service, our representatives thoroughly complete all billing procedures and our front end scrubbers review claims prior to submission to avoid denied claims and an efficient reimbursement. Allow our billing specialists to utilize their extensive experience to handle all your surgery billing and coding needs.

Surgery Billing and Coding Service

Practice Management’s team of experts will ensure that correct modifiers, CPTs and diagnosis codes are utilized for accurate reimbursement of surgery billing.

Comprehensive Surgery Billing Services

As a leading provider of surgery billing services, Practice Management is experienced and well versed in the unique requirements of a wide variety of surgical specialties such as:

Surgery Medical Billing Compliance

Our committed medical billing specialists recognize surgery billing and coding for surgical practices requires high attention to detail and an understanding of the specialty’s medical terminology, while remaining fully compliant with all state, federal, and local laws with continuous monitoring of our own in-house Compliance Committee. HIPAA and Compliance training is mandatory, as it is necessary to know who is permitted to view medical information and the necessary safeguards taken to guarantee no patient files reach the public domain.

Electronic Health Records

Practice Management can access your surgery practice’s current system through a secure web portal to perform all billing procedures. Contact Practice Management for more information on surgery billing services offered.

Medical Billing for Surgeons: The Practice Management Difference

What makes Practice Management different from other surgery billing companies is that we combine state-of-the-art technology with aggressive revenue cycle management. This combination of resources, coupled with our experience team of surgery medical billing specialists, can result in drastically increased revenue for your clinic.

We specialize in medical billing for surgeons and can work within the Practice Management system of your Electronic Health Record. Experience lower overhead, faster payments, increased cash flow, higher revenues, improved patient satisfaction, and have more time to focus on patient care.