Medical billing can be challenging. Practice Management proficiently handles primary care billing and coding so you can focus on your patients. We’re experts in revenue cycle management, billing, credentialing and consulting services. Click here for more information.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Practice Management provides revenue cycle management services to analyze RCM operations and Optimize your Accounts Receivable. Our medical billing team evaluates your current practice management processes and all RCM activities through to claim follow-up, patient billing and collection policies. Click here for more information.

Primary Care Billing and Coding

Practice Management stays current with CPT and ICD codes, keeping you up-to-date in order to provide accurate billing and maximized reimbursement.

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Provider credentialing is the single most important task necessary to keep cash flowing as you start, change, and grow. Proper credentialing eliminates cash flow pitfalls seen in many organizations.

Services include:

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Practice Management’s in-house Compliance Committee keeps you up-to-date with industry standards, rules and regulations, state and local laws and statutes.

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Experience faster payments and increased cash flow. Click here for more information.