With pediatric billing services being one of the primary cornerstones to our organization, our experienced team of experts at Practice Management represents one of the leading pediatric billing companies in the U.S. Contact us to learn more about how Practice Management advances the medical billing process for pediatricians, or learn more below about what makes our company a top provider of pediatric billing solutions.

Practice Management’s expertise in pediatric billing services starts with our well-versed coders who undergo extensive training and continuing education to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Our representatives invest substantial time in staying educated on all rules, regulations and requirements unique to pediatric billing and take the time to update your practice on all changes. Allowing Practice Management to handle all of your billing needs translates to unfailing, high quality medical billing services.

Pediatric Billing & Coding

Practice Management’s team of specialists will ensure that correct modifiers, CPTs and diagnosis codes are utilized for accurate reimbursement from your pediatric billing efforts. Our company has the resources and systems in place to help you optimize the billing and coding process for more fluid and seamless claim fufillment.

Specialized Pediatric Billing Services

Practice Management is highly specialized in providing pediatric billing services. Our staff is experienced and well trained in the unique pediatric billing and coding requirements of a wide variety of pediatric services such as:

Claim Follow Up

Practice Management aggressively follows up on claims until adjudication. To avoid denied claims and accelerate payment process, our front-end scrubbers thoroughly review all claims to confirm clean claims are submitted the first time. If any additional information is required for claim reimbursement, our pediatric billing company will promptly notify the practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

Practice Management offers your pediatric practice a complete analysis of your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations and medical billing procedures to identify potential weaknesses and propose improvements for increased revenue. Click here for more information.

Benefits of Hiring Practice Management

By allowing Practice Management to handle all of your pediatric billing needs, some benefits your practice will receive are: highly trained and experienced staff with state-of-the-art technology and software, efficient billing process and customer service representatives to handle all patient billing inquiries and questions.

Contact Practice Management for more information about how our pediatric billing services can help your pediatrics practice.

Medical Billing for Pediatricians: The Practice Management Difference

What makes Practice Management different from other pediatric billing companies is that we combine state-of-the-art technology with aggressive revenue cycle management. This combination of resources, coupled with our experience team of pediatric medical billing specialists, can result in drastically increased revenue for your clinic.

We specialize in medical billing for pediatricians and can work within the Practice Management system of your Electronic Health Record. Experience lower overhead, faster payments, increased cash flow, higher revenues, improved patient satisfaction, and have more time to focus on patient care.