Declining fee schedules, compatibility problems, and medical coding issues are only a few of the challenges your Internal Medicine practice may be facing. Practice Management provides the highest quality internal medicine billing service by working with your practice individually to develop a comprehensive billing solution to decrease your over-head costs and payment turn around time, while increasing revenue and most importantly, patient satisfaction. Click here for more information.

Internal Medicine Billing and Coding

We keep you informed of additions, deletions, and changes or updates to CPT and diagnosis coding.

Procedures Supported by Our Internal Medicine Billing Service

Practice Management has the experience and knowledge of handling internal medicine billing and coding for many different procedures, including:


Practice Management has the capability of electronic submission when billing to Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the Illinois Department of Public Aid and Commercial Payers. In addition, our information system operates efficiently and effectively, ensuring accuracy of managed care payments, scanning and maintaining record of all source documents, and offering your Internal Medicine practice online access, if desired. Click here for more information.

Practice Management safeguards your practice’s data throughout the entire billing process. To gain access to our system, each user is required to enter their unique user ID and password. User-specific passwords are promptly removed if the user should cease employment with Practice Management. In addition, on any given day, two back-up files are guaranteed to be located off-site.