If you’re planning to Save Time and Money, consider Practice Management for your Dental Billing Service. Practice Management is a leading provider of dental billing services. We focus on maximizing your revenue and reducing payment delays using advanced compliant techniques. Contact us to learn more.




Enjoy the many benefits of setting your dental billing on autopilot.

Proven Dental Billing Services

Contact us to learn more about how Practice Management works to maximize your revenue with professional Dental Billing! Or learn more below as to what makes our company the leading provider of dental billing services.

Practice Management has the experience it takes to improve your Dental billing. We are well-versed in providing highly-professional Dental billing services, and we will work to give you the most advantageous and streamlined dental billing experience. Practice Management is a reputable dental billing company with a proven track record in maximizing revenue as well as decreasing payment turn-around time.

Our experienced staff provides dentists with billing services for all aspects of insurance and patient dental billing — including Medicaid and Commercial Insurance. Also, we have bilingual customer service staff for the convenience of our clients.

Why Choose Practice Management As Your Dental Billing Company?

Practice Management is a premier dental billing company that’s committed to your satisfaction while conforming to all published and applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, statutes and regulations.

As a leading dental billing company, we encourage lawful and ethical business practices all through our organization, with our customers and within the community. When working together with us, you will get reliable, ethical service, maximizing the benefits of your Dental billing experience. Our compliance personnel and committee work steadily to ensure adherence.

Benefits of Dental Billing

We can handle your dental billing requirements, and you will enjoy increased income, reduced overhead costs, improved cash flow, increased patient and provider satisfaction and coding expertise through the use of fully compliant policies and procedures — just a few of the benefits of working with your expert dental bіllіng соmраnу.

Exceptional Reporting Solutions

Wе dеlіvеr сustоmіzеd аnd stаndаrd rероrtіng fоr аll сustоmеrs іnvеstеd іn оur dental billing services. Upon delivery, we help you determine your unique dental reporting requirements to design the reports you need, giving you a personalized dental billing service experience.

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Special Dental Billing Consultation

On-going consultation is offered for providers and administrative personnel for dental billing service customers. Standard topics for consultation include software instruction, coding, front office procedures, and financial procedures and policies.

Credentialing Services

Proper provider credentialing makes the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. Practice Management can provide credentialing services for your new dental locations as well as dental providers. We give your practice increased security and more time to concentrate on your patients. Click here for more information.

Software Integration

We can easily complete all billing tasks through remote access to your software.

Patient Contact Service

We can customize Patient contact to your needs. Available services consist of past due letters, statements, outbound calls, toll-free inquiry, web-based payment portal and our committed patient service representatives. Any of our patient services can be combined to meet your needs.

Maximize Profits With Our Dental Billing Services

Practice Management works to improve your dental billing processes by:

To help you increase cash flow and reduce overhead costs, learn about our dental billing company and contact Practice Management today!