With a commitment of offering the best cardiology billing service to your practice, Practice Management will reduce your practice’s overhead costs and payment turn-around time, while concurrently increasing your cash flow, revenue and patient satisfaction. Click here for more information.

With proficient professionals handling your cardiology billing and coding needs, you will benefit from fewer errors and more clean claims leading to maximized revenue and greater piece of mind.

Cardiology Billing & Coding Services

Practice Management stays current with cardiology billing and coding updates and abides by specific payer medical policies for cardiology.

Procedures Supported by Our Cardiology Billing Service

Practice Management has the experience and knowledge of handling cardiology billing and coding services for many different procedures, including:

Cardiology Billing Security

We can access your EHR practice management system through a secure remote connection. Or, you can utilize our practice management system and you will gain remote access to your practice’s data, which can be viewed with your unique user ID and password. To maintain the utmost security, user-specific passwords are promptly removed when representatives cease employment at Practice Management. As part of our cardiology billing services, back-up data files are made daily, which are then taken off-site for further protection.

Credentialing Services

Also primary to our cardiology medical billing services, we at Practice Management can provide credentialing services for new and established providers at your practice. All credentialing information and communication is maintained including: follow up, and data collection and entry. Information is reviewed upon collection for any missing items or incomplete forms and then followed up to obtain all necessary documents. Click here for more information.

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Medical Billing for Cardiologists: Practice Management Difference

What makes Practice Management different from other cardiology billing companies is that we combine state-of-the-art technology with aggressive revenue cycle management. This combination of resources, coupled with our experience team of cardiology medical billing specialists, can result in drastically increased revenue for your clinic.

We specialize in medical billing for cardiologists and can work within the Practice Management system of your Electronic Health Record. Experience lower overhead, faster payments, increased cash flow, higher revenues, improved patient satisfaction, and have more time to focus on patient care.