How to Lead So Your Employees Listen

Leading any group of people and ensuring they are all actively engaged with your vision can be a challenge. A great leader knows how to effectively capture the attention of each and every one of his or her employees. Your passion comes naturally – and it’s this passion that will inspire those around you, as long as you are able to share it properly through communication and genuine compassion. Be the boss by showing where power lies, but also being fair so you are liked and trusted. Learn to lead your employees so they want to listen with these helpful tips.

Be real

Yes, you have an image to maintain – however, no one ever said that you can’t be the true you while leading. Be genuinely you with the best interest of your practice in mind and your employees will trust you. “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t apply in leadership. Being who you truly are – and who you say you are – to your employees is a huge step forward. If you want them to listen to what you have to say, and follow the path you’ve laid ahead; gaining trust has to be of utmost priority.

Know who you are

Following the previous point, in order to “be real” – you must know who you are. Knowing yourself, and what you want as a leader is essential in creating an environment of order… and one that matches your thoughts, beliefs and actions. If you are frazzled and disorganized, your practice will be as well. Know your values and they will translate into your leadership.


Large corporations have advisors on standby at all times, but even as a small health center, an advisor can work wonders. Have someone you trust who can let you know what he or she thinks about the job you’re doing. Additionally, receiving unbiased feedback on your leadership is important. Knowing what you do well, and what you do not-so-well, can drastically change your approach.


The worst leaders are those who aren’t truly there for their employees. If you’re a boss who simply clocks in and clocks out, this does not properly showcase your passion and dedication for your team. In addition to being generally available for your employees, also make sure to be personable. Engage in conversation, banter and anything that can bring you and an employee together. Lead with engagement and empathy.

Be present

Similar to being engaged, simply being around is a big deal. If a team member has a question, does he or she know how to reach you? Do you show up for training? Do you give any seminars? Be available and allow your employees to enjoy your company – and for you to enjoy theirs as well.

As a leader, it’s essential that your team can know, like and trust you – as this is how you’ll inspire a vision for others to follow.