Creating the Right Ambiance in your Practice’s Waiting Room

Does your waiting room add a calming vibe to your medical practice? Specifically, for your patients? The waiting room is your patient’s first impression of your practice. If your waiting room looks like it’s not taken care of, then how will your patients trust you’ll give them the best care in the examination room? Spruce up your waiting room with these tips, and your patients will feel relaxed and less worried for their next appointment!

  1. Greet your patients!

The easiest way to step up your practice is a friendly gesture. From the moment patients walk through the door, your staff should welcome them with a smile and friendly attitude. Patients will feel unwelcome when they visit a practice where the staff are cold – it’s also very off-putting. When your staff is friendly, your patients will be more likely to refer family and friends to your practice. Plus, a smile won’t cost you anything!

  1. Keep it Clean

There’s nothing worse than a messy waiting room! A bunch of ripped magazines on the floor, the furniture is moved around, and a dirty floor/carpet is not the most calming environment for your patients. Implement regular cleaning duties to your staff or hire a custodian. The cleanliness of your waiting room can make or break a patient experience.

  1. Upgrade your Lighting

You probably haven’t considered this, but you might want to upgrade the lights in your waiting room. Old yellow lighting can make your waiting area look dim and depressing. Choose brighter new LED lights for your ceilings and place some nice lamps on any side tables. Brighter lights can really boost the mood of any space, and your patients deserve to feel at ease while they’re waiting.

  1. Décor it up!

Hopefully your waiting room doesn’t have any shag carpets, or any décor from 50 years ago for that matter! Modernize your waiting area with new furniture and décor so your medical practice can feel more like a home than an office. You know what that means — time to hit up your local home furnishing store (as if that’s a bad thing!).

The waiting room for your medical practice is a reflection on you and your care, so you should take some time to improve patient interaction and give your waiting room a makeover. Your patients will surely appreciate the new look!