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Billing Service

With declining fee schedules, compatibility problems, and medical coding issues on the rise, we understand our job has never been so critical to the health of your practice. To ensure the highest quality service, we work with you individually to develop a comprehensive billing solution to meet the specific needs of your practice. We analyze your practice’s medical billing and coding strengths, identify areas that need improvement, and are then able to improve your processes and operating efficiency.

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Nationwide Medical Billing & Specialties

Practice Management provides complete medical billing services across the nation from California to Florida. Effective physician billing services begin with our superior representatives who are well versed in accurate medical billing and coding while remaining compliant with all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations. Combined with technology resources on the forefront of medical billing and a mission to obtain optimal reimbursement on claims efficiently, we are your trusted source for all medical billing needs.

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Medical Billing Consulting

Practice Management specializes in providing billing services and medical billing consulting to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and physician group practices nationwide. Practice Management’s revenue cycle consultant team will analyze your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations and your medical billing practices. Our medical billing consultants provide analysis of your current practice management software configuration and all RCM activities through to claim follow-up, patient billing and collection policies.

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Higher Revenue

Practice Management combines state of the art technology with aggressive revenue cycle management resulting in increased revenue for your practice.

Lower Overhead

Practice fixed costs are reduced significantly. The practice no longer needs in-house billing staff with associated expenses such as salaries, benefits, bonuses, taxes, hiring and training costs.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Beginning with reliable, accurate and speedy charge and payment entry through the process of patient billing and patient inquiries, we provide patients with unfailing, high quality medical billing support.

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