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Orthopedic Billing

When it comes to Orthopedic billing and coding, orthopedic practices are confronted with the complexities of coding revisions, industry software requirements and staying current with medical policies specific to each payer. As experts in the industry since 1995, Practice Management can take care of all your practice’s unique medical billing, coding, and collection needs. With attentive, professional and experienced representatives, Practice Management works diligently to get your Orthopedic practice paid correctly and efficiently. Click here for more information.


Practice Management’s team of experts will ensure that correct modifiers, CPTs and diagnosis codes are utilized for accurate reimbursement of Orthopedic Billing.

Orthopedic Billing Specialties

Practice Management has the experience and knowledge of billing for the following specialties:


From software file maintenance, claim transmission process to clearinghouse to analysis of accounts receivable, Practice Management’s revenue cycle consultant team will provide detailed assessments, evaluations, and recommendations to improve any weaknesses in your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations or your medical billing practices. Click here for more information.


Practice Management takes precautionary actions to strengthen security so your practice’s information remains protected throughout the entire billing process. Unique user ID and password, back-up data files and secure off-site back-up service are a few of the actions taken in order to maintain security.

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