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Allergy Billing

As a leading physician billing service, Practice Management focuses on medical billing services for many specialties including Allergy Billing. Our committed staff of highly trained professionals stay current on billing rules and medical policies through compliance with payer rules and local, state, and federal laws. Click here for more information.


Practice Management’s team of experts will ensure that correct modifiers, CPTs and ICD10 codes are utilized for accurate reimbursement of Allergy Billing.


Our medical billing service has experience with common Allergy Billing procedures including:

  • Allergen Immunotherapy
  • Challenge Test
  • Intradermal Test
  • Patch Test
  • Scratch, Puncture and Prick Tests

Claim Follow Up

Practice Management aggressively follows up on claims until adjudication. Our front end scrubbers make sure clean claims are submitted the first time to avoid denied claims and speed up the payment process. We notify the practice if additional information is required for claim reimbursement.

EMR/Practice Management

We are revenue cycle management experts and can work with any EMR software package. Alternatively, Practice Management can provide you with our billing software solution.


Practice Management provides medical billing consulting services for all aspects of revenue cycle management of Allergy Billing. Click here for more information.


Credentialing services are available. Click here for more information.

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