Getting Started

Customer Service

Items Included in Billing Service:

  • Professional Handling of Patient Billing Inquiries
  • Delivery of Billing Information from Practice to Service
  • Reliable Entry of Service Charges
  • Reliable Entry of Insurance & Patient Payments
  • Reliable Entry of Contract Adjustments
  • Invaluable CPT & ICD-10 Coding Specialist
  • Collection of Delinquent Insurance Claims
  • Regularly Scheduled Report Reviews with Provider

Technology Systems

Items Included in Billing Service:

  • Protected and Insured Data
  • Easy-To-Read Patient Statements
  • Electronic & Paper Claims
  • Practice Management Reports
  • Fee Schedule / Managed Care Tracking
  • Coding Compatibility Monitoring
  • Charge Capture Auditing
  • Ensured Accuracy of Managed Care Payments
  • Scanning / Electronic Record of all Source Documents
  • Multiple Pre-Bill Edits
  • On-line Access if Desired

The Results You Want

  • Reduced Overhead Costs
  • Reduced Payment Turn-Around Time
  • Increased Reimbursements from Insurance Carriers

The Financial Edge You Need

  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Increased Physician Revenue
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

Sample Documents

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